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"You Are Fired !!" Cub The Apprentice

Weight: 15 lbs. (Canine Flyweight)
Height: 14 inch @ shoulder
Reach: 11 inch (Arm length)

DOB: 10/10/2003
Hometown: Yucaipa, CA
Dog Park Debut: 12/16/2004
(@Childrens Memorial Park)
Record: 1-0-1, 1 KO's

Title: None

Dog Food: Special Blend Naturals
Chewing Favorite: Mint Ball Jr.
Snack: Nylabone Edibles
You are so Manchester, and you are so IG...
After all, we're all MIXED!!
"9 months past since I signed with Skipper, and my record is still 1-0, 1 No Contest. As you can see, it is the proof that everyone in Flyweight division is ducking me. Some people disagree saying it is because of poor management, but the matter of fact is, my promoter Skipper is offering them 1000 bones for 4 rounds. They still don't want to fight me. What the heck!"

(Canine Ring Magazine, March 2005)
"Caesars Palace issued a Commemorative Casino Chips especially for me when I turned Pro. Celine Dion and Elton John has the same ones, too. That's how they treat the (future) Superstar like me here in Vegas. Limited edition, of course. So grab some before they're all gone, girls..."

(Teen Dog Magazine, December 2004)
"You know, North Las Vegas has the most African American population in the valley. When I train in North LV, I feel so relaxed since nobody discriminates me because of the color of my skin.

(Las Vegas Dog Review Journal, January 2005)
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