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This website opened in February 13, 2004.
Listed below are some of my favorite things, or things that inspire me.

Boxing Study

All kind of Casino Table Games

Skinny dogs, particularly one of those Greyhounds

Albrecht Durer and Art of his age

Shoen Uemura's fine Japanese paintings

Kazuo Umezu's comic books
John Waters films

Rocky Horror Picture Show

English Song Karaoke

Oldies FM Station

Seventies Disco and Soul Train

One Hit Wonders

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer

James Brown & Bobby Byrd

Serge Gainsburg

Keiichiro Ryu's Japanese Samurai Novels

Richard Avedon Portraits

Monty Python the flying circus

Entertainment novels of Dean Koontz, Sidney Sheldon,
and Nobuhiko Ochiai

"Peanuts" Japanese Version, Vince Guaraldi's jazz piano,
and Snoopy a.k.a "Joe Cool"

And so on and on...

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Joe the Referee, "I ref everything... Just because I'm a referee."
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Joe on "Fight Girls" (OXYGEN Network reality series, June 2007)