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"Laughing Warrior" Skipper the Dog
(12/01/2000 - 12/13/2001)

Weight: 43 lbs. (Canine Welterweight)
Height: 22 inch @ shoulder
Reach: 14 inch (Arm length)

Dog Park Debut: 04/01/2001 (@Sunset)
Record: 125-2-12, 108 KO's

Title: DWBA Welterweight (June-December 2001)

Dog Food: Eukanuba small bite adult formula
Chewing Favorite: Target original 10" Rawhide Rolls
Snack: Other dog's poop (Great champions know where the nutrition is.)
My "Straight Right" was literally invisible !!
"Probably the most important thing in Dog Boxing is good eyes. you have to be able to watch not only the other guy's hands, but his head coming.

Roy Jones Jr. was very good at getting away with head-butting. That's what made him such a great champion.

Oh, we also have to watch their tails and fangs coming, though. Rough sport, isn't it ?"

(Canine Ring Magazine, October 2001)
"I tell you about the 2 losses early in my career. One was Shasta the Bernese Mountain Dog. He attacked me from behind and knocked me down and out. But that was before the bell rang ! It must have been a DQ !!

The other one was Speedy the Whippet. He just kept running for 6 rounds and wouldn't want to fight. Somebody tell me why that chicken got the decision."

(Dog Sport illustrated, November 2001)
I usually trained with those heavyweights to prepare for my title fight. This guy from South Africa is only 4 month old but already weighs 80 lbs. !!
"Skipper the Dog passed away right before he everyone in the world started to realize he was the best dog boxer pound-for-pound. He would sure have dominated his weight class for a decade, and quite possibly have caught the Heavyweight title sometime in his career."

(Larry Merchandise, DOGHBO commentator. December 2001)
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