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(These Dogs) Wanted, Dead or Alive
Good evening, folks. I am Pocket the Bandit. I am going to rob this little casino now with my associate "The Darkness". The plan here tonight is to snatch a cart from the change person, pull the cart straight out the door where my dad comes pick us up. If this attempt is successful, I will donate 90 percent of my profit to local animal shelters. (Nice Guy :-)
May 17th, 2006
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We live in Wild West.
First I sent "The Darkness" inside (He is invisible in the dark casino floor.) in order to spot a perfect target. The Darkness came back a few minutes later and say "Sir, I did not find any change person, Sir." ... No change person in casino?

So I sneaked into the casino and took a look around. Indeed, there was no casino personnel walking through the machines other than cocktail waitress. Then I realized there was no sound of coins falling off the machines, and there was no such things as coin bucket, either.

"Ticket In - Ticket Out" technology... ! It is believed that Vegas casinos came up with this fancy idea in an effort of saving money by getting rid of change person. However, the truth here is that casinos have been so badly beaten by us dog bandits that they pulled all cash from the entire casino floor.
Sorry, Dad. Mission incomplete... sob.
We shall be back !!
We stood there having no plan B, as one security guy came over and asked us for ID's.

I showed him my fake Rabies Tag saying my name is Marty and we are from Wisconsin coming down to Vegas for my nephew's wedding.

The Darkness quickly followed up by telling the security that his job is herding milk cows in the farm and he has never seen so many neon lights in his life. A perfect cover always saves our butts.

Damn !