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Good job, boys !
When you think about the nature of the sport of boxing, you will find it is the most primitive form of competition.

Of course, the art of boxing is "Hitting the other guy without getting hit". But just as you know the term "Fight" is often used for boxing events, one of the objectives of boxing is attacking the opponent with punches and giving him some temporary BRAIN DAMAGE so he cannot get up in 10 seconds... Where else in the world can you legally injure others like they do?

I'd have to say it is very unique.
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"Hey, good fight, man. You'll be the champ soon." "Yeah, man. Thanks. You hit real hard, man."
Pocket lost a close decision to Bugsy the Aussie Shepherd mix.
However, what makes boxing truly unique is that, after hitting the opponents like they really hate each other for twelve rounds, boxers still celabrate their good effort by giving each other a big hug.

I am not just talking about human boxing. We dog boxers do have the same great sportsmanship as all you people do.