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"Eye In The Sky" is watching you.
In early January, 2005, this man was caught by the surveillance camera at the North Las Vegas Dog Boxing Compound. Dad rolled the tape back because he found 3 biscuits were missing from the cookie jar.

There was no light in the kitchen thus the picture shows quite obscure image and it seems to be very hard to identify this sneaky man.
Here in Las Vegas, surveillance camera is called "Eye in the Sky", or simply is called "The Eyes". Dad works in the dealer school and recently he saw some surveillance people signing up for dealing classes. After having conversations with them, Dad somehow became interested in this job.

They say "good" surveillance should work rather to prevent dealers mistakes than to catch them and take their job away from them. So, Dad just called Pocket in his office and said "If you need anything, just ask me. I will take care of you."

Pocket on the other hand did not understand what is going on and goes "Yes, sir, I was just about to ask you for a raise because I am not just boxing but also training Cub lately."

We are all greedy breed.
However, today's technology made it possible for everyone to find out who the suspect is.

First, adjust the brightness, contrast and scan this picture. Put this data in K-9 police's crime suspect database and wait for a couple minutes. (Above).

Computer then analyze his bone structure, skin tone and everything, then sends us back the clear image of this man. (Left)

Sir, you look familiar to us, Sir.
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