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Hi, everyone. Here I am shooting the dice trying to make a six. Did you say the picture does not look like Vegas? Very good. You are correct, Sir. This is from my last gambling trip out to Atlantic City!

As you smart people might have already known, among all those casino games, Blackjack is the only game that the highly skilled player can beat. All others are, game of pure luck and casino always has an edge. And even if you beat the casino "legally" with your skill, you will not be able to make living playing Blackjack because casino can ask you to leave and never to come back again. If you do, you'll be arrested of trespassing.

Interestingly, there are some groups of people who believe that they can beat the game of craps by controlling the dice with their "Precision Shooting" skills.


Once in a while, dad has one of those Precision Shooters on his table. A guy walks up on a dead game and take a position "SR1(their term)" which means #1 to the right from the stickman. SR1 ensures him the shortest distance to the backwall two dice has to hit. Pretty scientific, huh? Six becomes the point. Then he carefully sets the dice "Hard Six V-shape (3 & 3)" and picks them up with his left hand... Yes, I said left hand. He goes ahead and squeeze in his shoulder keeping his elbow dead straight and throws the dice like a machine. Very scientific. Dice land precisely 10 inches before the backwall with a minimum bounce and softly reach the wall...

"SEVEN-OUT !!", dad calls.

I have never heard of any casinos "bar" those Precision Shooters like they eliminate the Card Counters. That is, simply because they know craps is not a game of skill.

...Oh, did I make a six? Please do not ask... !
(Slightly Altered) Photo courtesy of Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority
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Come on, shooter ! Throw a SIX !!