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Part Three: ROULETTE
Hello, everyone. I am Dad. Skipper & Pocket's human dad. They have been talking about giving me a chance to talk on their website for years, and finally here I am. Hope you folks are enjoying our works so far.

Now, what is the easiest game to play in the whole casino? It must be Roulette. Baccarat maybe ? Certainly, the betting option is fewer and payoff is simple, but it is tough to understand the banker's draw/stand rules.

I can even imagine a monkey playing Roulette. Let's say there is a monkey who got to know about number Zero through 36. He then learns what it is to "win (numbers match)". I would say monkeys already know what the "reward" is, so give them 35 bananas when the number hits...
Anyway, let's take a look at the picture above. You will see it is an European type of Roulette because the layout has single Zero, and the dealer is working with a stick called a "Rake".

The funny part is, hey, would you please take those red chips down before you pay the orange? Those are losers. And, you do not have to go all the way outside the pit to pay the winner. Take it easy, girl !
World 9-ball championship ?
Here they go, the little brother of George W. Bush playing Roulette in his tuxedo.

Roulette has been the king of casino games in Europe for a long time. Like in James Bond movie, well-dressed gentlemen are always pictured behind the spinning wheel. Yes, even if monkeys can play this game, Roulette belongs to Upper Class society.

Now the question here is, does Mr. Bush belong to the high society ?

The answer seems to be NO, as you hear the Monkey #1 goes "Excuse me, Sir, the Pink is mine!". Monkey #2 says "This guy never learns. Give my Black back to me!".

(Player is allowed to use one color chip only...)
Don't get too excited. Monkeys are gonna come at you!