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The strange world of STOCK PHOTOS
Hi, everyone. I'm Pocket the gambler. As you might have already known, Blackjack is the most popular table game in United States.

I really love this game and played it in almost all casinos in Las Vegas counting cards, yet to be banned from any of those because I lose more often than win. (What a shame...)
Sorry, Sir. Markers don't play on this table, Sir.
Anyway, I see something unusual is going on here. Notice the first card dealt right in the middle of "Betting Circle", with Five Hundred Dollar markers in action (???).

Is that an European Twenty-One or what !?
Ahem..., this one also is a very interesting picture titled "The Winning Hand".

There are three possibilities that could come up with what seems to be a poker hand like this.

1) Player had A & Q, doubled down and got a K, winning double instead of getting paid 3 to 2.

2) Player had A & Q, accidentally hit it and got a K. Was paid even money instead of 3 to 2.

3) Player had K & Q, flirting the girl sitting next to him and unintentionally moved his hand and was dealt an Ace... saying "Woops, tewnty-one!"
All I wanted to say was, these people look like they are still living in early 80's... !
Are we playing Three Card Poker ??
Everybody have a good time in Las Vegas !
Finally, ah... There is nothing wrong with this picture. Cards and bets are perfectly set, a great composition.