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Hi, it's me, Skipper the gaming analyst. On the internet or on CD's, you will find a lot of royalty-free stock photos used for all kinds of commercial purposes. I understand how difficult it is to set up a photo shooting session in the real casino because casinos have a great concern about their customers' privacy. And re-creating a casino atmosphere outside the casino is not an easy task... Selected below are some interesting example of how casino games are seen through the eyes of commercial artists.
Part One: CRAPS
What kind of game is that !?
Craps is definitely the most exciting game in the casino. The first picture looks like a good one depicting the dynamic nature of this game.

But WAIT. How many dealers do you see? Just one. No Stickman and one base dealer you see through the mirror. Actually, the shooter is shooting the dice from the Stickman's position. Not very realistic...
The second one is a sad, sad picture. At the place where my dad works, a blue chip is $1000, and the yellow is $25000 a piece. So, let's assume that there is a high roller playing and he is a BIG George (Craps lingo = A big tipper) !!

Looks like it is a come out roll, the player has a $300,000 come bet on Six . Dealer has some huge amount of come bets on Six through Ten. (See the stack in the middle of the boxes? Those are for dealers!)
The guy shoots the dice, but WAIT, what kind of game are they playing on what seems to be a dinner table ? Ain't somebody in the photo studio know a bit about Craps ??
Player shoots the dice and the call is "Winner SEVEN, front line winner! WORKING BETS have action..." which means all the come bets lose.

Dealers thank you for the bets, Sir... sob !
Finally, Let's see how these nice-looking young people on my right are doing.
The strange world of STOCK PHOTOS