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This website opened in February 13, 2004.
Hi, it's me, Pocket. As a proud Las Vegas resident, I gamble socially. Actually, I know pretty much of everything about gaming since my dad works in that industry.

The big trend in Las Vegas casinos today is that they are trying to attract more younger customers than ever before. Most of the casinos now feature a night club complete with sexy dancers and house DJ's all inspired by the success of such "New Wave" casinos as Hard Rock and Palms.

Certainly, it is fun to watch those girls hanging around. However, when it comes to playing games with those people, it is kind of tough because they are usually highly intoxicated and don't know how to play.
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Skipper's Golden Rule:
"Never Split Fives !"
See, this guy who looks like some Mario Lopez sitting next to me is at a loss what to do with his pair of fives. So I went on and showed him what the seasoned card player like I am would do.

Then he poured his Bloody Mary upon my head and said "Thanks for your stupid advice. Please go to your kennel and come back sober.".

...I still can't figure what I did wrong.
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