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9/25/2006 DOGHBO NEWS
Hi, world dogboxing fans. It has been a while since we updated DOGHBO NEWS last time. However we are not just sleeping all summer long. Due to the high outside temperature, fights took place mostly in the evenings, after the sun went down and we ware unable to take clear pictures of any dogboxing action of Pocket and Cub. They fought very well and the score is W5-L3 with 2 Draw/NC so far this year.

Overseas Report
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Jenio the referee stops the fight... Fight's over ! Panther wins by TKO !!
Panther "The Reckless IG"
"Hi, American dogboxing fans, I'm Panther. I fight anybody, anywhere no matter what the money is. Japanese dogboxers are all tough just like this dachshund. Despite a huge reach disadvantage, this guy has a great body shot... Sometimes it goes way too low, though. You know what I mean?" Panther says.

Jenio the Toy Manchester Terrier do not fight often himself, but he is always there to supervise his brother's action. "I think Panther will be on the world ranking very soon. It is always fun to train this kid because he loves to stand up and box. Best of all, he never be afraid of big guys. You can see some pictures of Panther fighting some super-heavyweights on our website."
Japanese Dogboxing Sensation
Instead, we are reporting some far east dogboxing action first time ever from Japan. Here you see Panther the Italian Greyhound fighting a very peculiar looking Long Haired Dachshund. (In Las Vegas, dachshund is never considered a dogboxing breed!)
Their dogboxing stable is situated in a quiet old town approximately 60 miles north of Tokyo. "I am blessed living in a suburb because there are so many places we can find some good opponents to fight with. Dogs in Tokyo don't even know what the dog park is." Says Jeni-Mama, a beautiful young lady who handles Jenio and Panther. "I trust Jenio 100% as far as training goes because he knows Panther since he was a baby. I pay him 150,000 bones a year and it's all worthwhile. My main job is to buy them some fancy ring costumes maybe (laugh)."

In fact, their website run by Jeni-Mama features a lot of dog fashion pictures worn by Jenio and Panther. "I will do whatever Mama says to promote dogboxing. Fashion model? Why not. If puppies see us on the web and think we are cool, then start participating in this wonderful sport of dogboxing... Means we are helping kids stay off the street. That's the main thing." Jenio says.
Currently, Jenio and Panther is preparing for a local title scheduled in November. "Win or loss doesn't mean much to me. I just want my fight to be as entertaining as it can get so you can even bring your date to dogboxing. Hey, I'm talking to you human boys!" Panther says. We expect more dogboxing news to come from the Land of Rising Sun.

To know more about Jenio and Panther, click HERE. You will even find some nice dogboxing movies!
Working hard, everyday... "Pull your left hand back, Panther. You're gonna get counter-punched !"
Far East Update !