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Boxers Pizza Shop
Las Vegas Dog Boxing Camp at the Beltway's publicity department recently found a dog boxer working in the central westside area pizza joint. "As our dog boxers' popularity grow up, we may have some strong business opportunity in this type of commercial appearrance, logo goods, endorsement and so on." Skipper says.
DOGHBO News, June 1st, 2006
Dog Boxer Found !
Dog Boxers deliver pizza... Are you guys hiring ?
Dogs taking their human to Boxers Pizza !!
This dog boxer appears to be legendary Floydog Patterson in early 1950's. If he can be a trade mark of this establishment, why not younger better looking athletes like Pocket & Cub?

"We like making money outside the ring better. If we ask for bigger purse for the fight, the promotion has to raise ticket price and TV goes Pay-per-View. We shouldn't lose dog boxing fans that way." Pocket said.
A dog boxer complete with Everlast gloves and trunks.