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A New Dog Park !!
Just found out a brandnew dog park opened in northwest Las vegas. This place is called "Barkin Basin Dog Park" and it is literally situated inside a huge detention basin. Beautiful turf with concrete walkway complete with shaded benches. Although this park is a little too far from our house, it is by far the best dog park we have ever seen.

A good news is, County approved a plan to build a new park with 3 section dog run in our neighborhood. Hope it comes out soon.

DOGHBO News, May 17th, 2006
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Check This Out.
Hey, this plush turf gets me excited !
Beautifully landscaped. I want this in my backyard, please..?
Feels like this place is 10 times bigger than Sunset Dog Park.
Mingling with new friends... One getting scared somehow.