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Hot Action in Sunset, Part 2 !
Pocket Rocket suffered a totally one-sided 6 rounds loss to ToTo the Rat Terrier today at the Sunset Dog Park.

ToTo executed a perfect game plan from start to finish, earning himself a 60-54 decision.

"Today's victory over Pocket was a surprise. All I had to do was just sit down, relax and watch him pound out Pocket all day." ToTo's trainer Ms. Chyna said.
DOGHBO News, May 9, 2006
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Keep your hands up, Pocket!
ToTo's Left-Right combination hits Pocket in round 6. Pocket is dead tired.
What made ToTo look very special was his exellent footwork. "He steps in and catches me with 3-4 punch combination. When I fight back, he's not there. His hands' got a good power, too." said Pocket.

ToTo said he worked hard to cut the ring in order to better position himself. "Keeping pressure on Pocket was the key. I knew his left hand is very effective on the outside, so I tried to duck his jab, step to the side and attack him from behind his shoulder. I was just doing what my trainer told me to do. She studied Pocket very well last week and gave me an excellent advice."
"I was just not informed well this time. It is only a temporary setback." Said Pocket. "I demand an immediate rematch with that guy."

Dog Boxing Camp already ordered some video tapes of ToTo's past fights at dogboxvideo.com today.

"I also sent Cub over to Ms. Chyna as a spy to get some information about their secret training and diet." Pocket said pointing out Cub hanging around with a beautiful young lady.
ToTo's first round attack was intense.
"I didn't know Rat Terrier was such a good boxer."
Pocket was off balance all day,
"Eh, excuse me, Miss. May I have your phone number please."
No, Cub, NO !!