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Hot Action in Sunset !
3/1/2006 DOGHBO NEWS
Newly founded Las Vegas Dog Boxing Camp at the Beltway started off their new season with a precious "W". It was Pocket's first appearance since last October when he was knocked out by Duke the Miniature Schnauzer.

"It was good because I could take a long break. I didn't even read any e-mails from my fans and totally stayed away from dog boxing. The Pinscher was a tough opponent, but my conditioning made a little difference this time." Pocket said.
Dog Boxing Season Begins.
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Pocket swinging wild... and missing with TWO HANDS !?
Good two way action from start to finish.
Pocket came out stronger in later rounds to win a split decision.
Promoter Skipper was also happy about Pocket's performance. "This means a lot to us since it was the first fight after we officially moved our home ring back to Sunset Dog Park. We traveled across the valley and found out Sunset has the world's highest level dog boxers."

The Pinscher : "I thought I was gonna fight the other guy... the little black dude, what's his name? My manager always screws me up. I wasn't prepared for Pocket obviously."