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Dog Boxer Cub, pro debut. (?)
My nickname is "Running Scared", but I'm gonna have to give it to you, Cub. (Pocket)
Cub the Apprentice made his first appearance as a pro dog boxer at Children's Memorial Park in Northwest Las Vegas. Cub was scheduled to face Flaffy the schnoodle (0-4-1, 0 KO's), but he was no call, no show. We suspect he ate his Pedigree Chum breakfast a little too much and could not make Flyweight limit.

"I just didn't want to let my fans down." Cub said. "So I decided to fight whoever's available."
Promoter Skipper quickly negotiated with Splash the golden retriever for a 3 rounds exhibition match knowing there was 60 lbs weight difference. "Back in my days, nobody cared about weight class. That's how you grow up stronger." Skipper said.

Pocket was in Cub's corner as his chief second. "Our plan was to use his speed and lateral movement, then score from the outside. We worked hard for this day and I was sure our strategy works even for the big guys like Splash."
Sir, you SCARED me. Sir !!
Coming in to the ring escorted by Pocket Rocket.
Interesting matchup between two different types of dog boxers started rather quietly with Cub sticking jabs from behind, but as soon as Splash turned around, the fight was stopped and was declared a no contest at 0:39 in round 1.

"I don't understand why the ref stopped the fight. I suffered no damage at all and the fight was coming my way." Cub said. "I am so disappointed it ended up like this. You guys don't put this fight in my record, do you !?"

According to Canine Athletic Commission, all the fight took place in the state of Nevada is officially recorded even if it is an exhibition.
Promotional Photo
"Cub gave me a fairly good exercise. All he needs is some more experience, that's it." Said Splash. "He don't have to be ashamed. You know, even great Bernard Hopkins lost his first pro fight... !"

DOGHBO News, December 16, 2004
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