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Dog Boxing has a new home !
I am excited !!
As you folks have already seen in the message board, Skipper's Las Vegas Dog Boxing Compound moves to North Las Vegas. The new facility built in 2001 has 3 training rooms, 2 bath, backyard and 2 car garage.
Picture of the site is not available at this point, but we will update it just as soon as we can. Actual move in date is slated to be Thanksgiving Day, and we are hoping our dog boxers' little contract issue will be settled by then so we can celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of Dog Boxing LV Style history.
Me, too !!
We are also looking for some information about Dog Parks nearby. City of North LV website is no good, so, anyone living in uptown North LV knows about recent development of parks around there (such as Seastrand Park on Centennial Parkway ?) send us any info !

October 29th, 2004 DOGHBO NEWS
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