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DOGHBO NEWS, Page 4... August 5th, 2004
Dad came back from Tokyo and took us to the dog park, but hey, what is going on here?

"Dog Fancier's Park" in east Las Vegas is the largest dog park in town. Last year, there has been a plan to turn this place into kid's athletic facilities including a couple of football ground, but dog fanciers petitioned to keep it as a dog park and the City agreed.

So, what now!? They closed the park and digging up the ground...! A whole new Dog Boxing Arena under construction? Dad is investigating this matter. Update coming up shortly.
Today's Pocket and Cub. "We are kind of worried about the closure of the Dog Fanciers Park. That is our home ring and it has a great history and great dog boxing fans. We really hope the City comes up with an air conditioned dome structure or something (for the dogs). Kids already got enough, I guess."
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