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Pocket Got Injured !!
DOGHBO NEWS, Page 2... July 1st, 2004
Like Skipper said, "Eye injury, what a shame..."
Pocket Rocket took a bad beating from his team mate "Cub the Apprentice" when they sparred for the first time in their Las Vegas Dog Boxing Compound.

Pocket had his left eye scratched, quite possibly by Cub's devastating right hook in round 2. Pocket was sent to nearby Banfield Animal Hospital (inside Pet'sMart) and had his eye treated by Dr. Keo.
Pocket said it was not that he underestimated his new partner. "I was just trying not to beat him up so bad on his first day, you know. I knew this guy has a good hand speed, but I didn't feel the power at all. The right hand that got me was a slap."

"It takes a little time for the amateur star to adjust to pro-style." Said Skipper. "People want to see KO's rather than tap-tapping all the way to the end. But I am optimistic about his future because he is having so much fun fighting, I mean boxing. That's the most important part."

"It was my fault." Dad states. "Kids often start fighting without my supervision. If I were there, I would have made sure they wear the Head Gear."
This right hook sent Pocket to the hospital.
Head Gear
According to Dr. Keo, Pocket's eye will get back to normal within a few days. Pocket receives ointment twice a day.

Cub was satisfied with his first day's performance. "I feel good. Skipper said my nickname is 'You Are Fired' but I think I'm gonna call myself Pretty Boy or something. The only problem here is communication in Japanese language, but I'm working on it. Here is my message for Japanese dog boxing fans. "Kon Ban Wa, Mori Shin-Ichi Desu." I don't know what it means, though."

DOGHBO Sports, July 1st. 2004
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