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This website opened in February 13, 2004.
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Who is this guy, anyway !?
Latest addition to the Skipper's LV Dog Boxing Stable. But...

What in the world is this sneaky, blacky, tiny little dude ? Is that a tall dachshund or what ??
And he goes...

"A week went by and now its almost July, I finally settled down and my human dad crys 'You still got NO NAME !! '"
Update of this newbie coming up shortly. Let's see how silly he can be.
NEWS NEWS NEWS.... June 29th, 2004. DOGHBO. The name of Skipper's new dog was announced today. His name is CUB. Formally goes as follows.
"You Are Fired !!" CUB the Apprentice
"Me being one of the top ranked amateur Flyweight, I've been looking for the best deal anywhere in the U.S..

Leaving my hometown Yucaipa, California certainly was tough, but my advisor and lawyer said moving to Las Vegas and signing with Skipper would be a very good option, and so far it is working well."

Las Vegas Dog Review Journal. June 28th. 2004
Summer has come, dogs are in the air... at Skipper's LV Dog Boxing Compound.
About Dog Boxing LV Style
About Dog Boxing LV Style
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June 29th, 2004. DOGHBO News