Minnie and Lovey the Bichon Frise live in one of the richest neighborhood in Las Vegas. People call them "Canine Hilton Sisters" even though they are not real sisters.

Usually we do not make friends with those fluffy breed, but they are special. Currently our PR depertment is making offer for them to become "Dog Boxing Cheer Leaders". (Sources say it will be 2-year, 100,000 bones contract.)

It would be so exciting if they come up with the line like "Go! Cub, Go!!""P-O-C-K-E & T, Pocket!!"
And we don't care about the downtown boys~~
Uptown girls~ we've been living in the uptown world~~
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I love the night life~ On the disco round~~ Yeah !
Young at heart, young on the style ~
This cute little young lady is KIKURAGE the black pug.

She lives with Dad's old friends, Eri & Besa in their uptown Tokyo house. Since Eri & Besa are avid Karaoke singers, Kiku is often spotted at "Bar Fiesta" in Roppongi.

We are quite positive that she will become a singing dog star in the near future. However, one thing we worry about is Besa's musical taste being sort of on the nerd-ish side. Cover up your ears when he plays Devo.

Alright, Kiku ?
OK, folks. "Friends" section here. This page introduces the dogs who support our website by sending in (any kind of) picture of theirs.
To begin with, here's MICHIZANE the Shep/Husky/Shiba mix.

This guy is simply incredible. He lives in Tokyo, Japan. Dad's older sister woke up one day and opened the door, and there he was in the cardboard box. She had no other choice than just take the dog in. Fifteen years later, he is still up and running like a puppy.

Also, he has been a very efficient watchdog and keeps scaring Takkyubin (Japanese UPS) guys away.

Way to go, Michi !
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Michizane (Japan)
Kikurage (Japan)
Minnie & Lovey (USA)
Jenio & Panther (Japan)
These handsome young men are Japanese dogboxing brothers handled by Dad's new online friend Jenicchi-Mama. They came to know each other because Dad thought having IG and Toy Manchester together is almost the same as our dogboxing team. The only difference is that they are purebred and we are mixed...

We hope someday in the near future we meet in Las Vegas and play together at the dog park. To see more pictures of Jenio and Panther, click HERE.
Hi, I'm Panther.
I'm Jenio !
12/4/2006 Michi passed away at the age of 18...
You shall be remembered as one of the greatest pets in history !
Lemon (Japan)
Dad's sister decided to have another dog a year after Micizane passed away in December 2006. This pretty Yellow Labrador girl is Lemon. She was 3 years old when her previous owner turned her in to the shelter... then Lemon was saved shortly after.

Lemon already looks like she found a happy forever home... ! (May 2008)