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Dog Boxing Las Vegas Style !
Hi, everyone. I'm Pocket.

Dog Boxing LV style has nothing to do with the cruel animal abuse case seen in ASPCA TV.

Go over to the dog park and you will find a lot of dog boxers just like me. We fight spontaneously, mainly for the purpose of entertaining people...

And here's the official rules.

* Bout starts when one boxer stands on his Two Feet.
* Three knockdown rule is in effect.
* Running may result in TKO.
* Only the referee can stop the fight. (Referee must be certified by Nevada State Athletic Commission.)

Referee score the fight based on following:

1) Number of clean, effective punches. 2) Ref's personal preference.
I was way down on the scorecard coming in to the final round.
Bang !! There was a crush of head, and the Referee didn't see it.
Down goes Chief ! Down goes Chief !! Fight's over, Pocket wins the fight !!!
Pocket KO's Chief, September 15th, 2003
I was a 25-1 underdog against "Chief the Big Chow", but I hang on and pulled the "Upset of the Year".
Miss the left, miss the right... Man, this little Schnoodle is quick !
Hey, Ref, he's biting ! Boy, I never seem to get a call when the other guy is cheating...
Pocket's running, Pocket's running ! Fight's over,
Schnoodle wins by TKO !
It's me making some excuses in post-fight interview with Basset the DOGHBO reporter. I was telling him how unfair referee stopped the fight so prematurely, but this guy goes "You couldn't even take that FLYWEIGHT Schnoodle out... What does it mean to your career as a dog boxer ?"
However, there is always a better day that keeps you coming back to this wonderful sport of Dog Boxing LV Style...
Shut Up And Leave Me Alone !!
Ear biting is strictly prohibited... !
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