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Skipper the Dog
Pocket Rocket
Cub the Apprentice
"Cub the Apprentice" (IG/Toy Manchester Terrier Mix) is a young prospect of our Dog Boxing team. He came from the whippet rescue in Yucaipa, California. As you can see, Dog Boxing has already become an interstate activity. To tell you the truth, Mom was looking for Pocket's roommate and went down there, found out the dog she saw on the internet was way too large, so just picked up something smaller than that.

Cub had to become a pro dog boxer much sooner, but there was some contract issue that caused a few months of inactivity. It involves a change about our family structure.

Well, I loved my Mom and Dad so much, but they started to live separately for some reason we dogs do not know of. Currently, Pocket and Cub's primary residence is Mom's beautiful 2000 sq. ft. house in Southwest side of Las Vegas. Dad bought a small house in much cheaper neighborhood because he wanted to sing karaoke at home, secondary reason being establishing "North Las Vegas Dog Boxing Compound".

Mom and Dad came to an agreement that made it possible for our dog boxers to visit Dad's house once a week for a little training camp. However, traveling all the way from north to south costed our dog boxers some fights, so Dad had to move again. Dad's new house is on the West side, conveniently located right on freeway I-215, and now we call our new home "Las Vegas Dog Boxing Camp at The Beltway".

This is what is going on as of June 2006. I hope it helped outline "Pocket Rocket Photo Album". For latest update in dog boxing, please go to DOGHBO News.

If you like a cute little story about Pocket and Cub off the ring, check out "Silly Pictures Part 1, 2 and Special". Also, we would like to hear from you dog boxing fans from all over the world. Please drop a note on our MESSAGE BOARD. We are bilingual dogs, so Japanese comments are welcomed. Any kind of feedback helps improve our website, and if you wish to make it private, contact us via E-MAIL.

We promise you to keep fighting, oh, no, BOXING to entertain you.

*About Salvador Sanchez...
**About Masao Ohba...
Dear friends,

My name is Skipper. I am the administrator of "Pocket Rocket Photo Album" at This website is strictly about dogs talking silly stuff. Pocket, Cub and I will put some thoughts about the interesting things we found in our small world from the dog's point of view. I may allow my human dad to post some opinion here every once in a while, but I hide it in a secret link because his works are not so sophisticated as ours.

Anyway, Let me tell you about the dogs and people related to this website.

I, Skipper (Whippet/Golden Retriever Mix), used to be a homeless puppy until Mom took me home from Dewey Animal Shelter in March of 2001. I grew up into a superior dog boxer and people started to call me "The King of Dog Park", as I briefly mentioned in the article "Who is Pocket Rocket, part 2".

I was at the prime of my career when I got hit by a car and died in December 2001, oh, just like great Salvador Sanchez* and Masao Ohba**. Since then, I started to live in the Cyber Space and created "Pocket Rocket Photo Album".

Pocket (Whippet/Unknown Mix) is one tough guy I spotted at Dewey Animal Shelter who I thought was worth being saved by Mom and Dad. So I went ahead and put some magic to make them meet each other in January 2002. I picked him not just because we shared the same whippet roots, but because he had such a personality to make people smile, or laugh, I should say. And, like I thought, this kid proved himself good enough to be the main character of my website. To see how pocket came along into my family, please read "Who Is Pocket Rocket, Part 1&2".

We then formed "Skipper's LV Dog Boxing Stable" and worked hard to entertain people in various dog parks. To know more about Dog Boxing LV Style, click HERE.